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The #1 for Title Loans in Oro Valley, AZ With Only 6% Interest

Cheap Title Loans in Oro Valley offers the lowest interest rates available on Car Title Loans, starting at only 6% monthly! Contact us today or stop by to get cash in hand, on-demand!

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Title Loans Oro Valley

Looking for a car title loans in Oro Valley, AZ? At Cheap Title Loans we put our customers first with the lowest interest rates in the state and no credit checks! This makes it easy, quick, and painless for you to get the money you need today!

Easy Application

Complete our online application to see if your vehicle qualifies or come into our location today!

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We have a 10-minute approval process to get you in and out the door!

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Get your check as soon as today and use it for whatever you need!

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The original amount & the fees can be paid each month by phone or you can drop by the office!

Over 20,000 Car Title Loans Provided Locally In Oro Valley

  • I received very fast help & Also a very generous loan offer for my 135i bmw from the owner Chris, even though the place was about to close & required him to stay past closing time. I received great communication & customer service every step of the way. 🙂 They have a very nice and always helpful staff. I’m very happy with the service I’ve received from them for 7 months now , & I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in a title loan..
    Nick P
  • Chris was very professional explained everything very well before I got my loan answered all questions I recommend this place to everyone especially being a family-owned business it’s a spot to get loans without any hidden fees or anything that will not satisfy people in need for $$$$ plus don’t have to pay so much back for what you get a loan for.

    Elbert B
  • I had the absolute BEST experience here. Sergio, Chris and the lovely ladies were wonderful! I even had a delightful conversation with the owner Steve. How many Loan places allow you to meet the owner? NONE because most of them are corporate companies. I didn’t feel like just a another transaction, coming here I felt very welcome.

    Alex C
  • I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get a title loan or if you have a loan with another title place check them out. I have been to almost all the loan places in town and they ARE THE CHEAPEST. They bought out the loan I had with title max and saved me over $200 a month and half in interest and the whole staff was great everyone there was friendly

    Edward W
  • I would recommend this business. Everyone who works here provides excellent service. I did business with Chris, and he ensured my transaction went smoothly and I left an extremely happy customer. I did not use them for a title loan, but I would recommend them if you want kind and trustworthy service.

    Alex C

    Statistics show that, in 2023, the average car buyer paid nearly $48,300 for their new ride! Yes, cars are often seen as a depreciating asset that loses value over time – but the money you spend on your vehicle can certainly work harder for you. One of the ways in which you can optimize your investment – especially if you are in need of fast cash- is through cheap title loans in Oro Valley

    Title loans can help you access the cash you need in no time, without burdensome credit checks or disruptions to your lifestyle. Find out the benefits of this financial tool below – or get in touch with Cheap Title Loans today to find out more about the options available to you.

    What Are Title Loans? Cheap Title Loans In Oro Valley Explained

    Title loans are an excellent option to access the funds you need to get out of a tricky financial situation, repay a certain debt, or afford an essential purchase. Simply put, title loans are a type of secured loan where you use the title of a vehicle you own equity in – like a car, truck or motorcycle – as collateral. The amount you can borrow depends entirely on the current value of your vehicle, not from your credit score, employment or income. This allows you to access the funds needed in no time, enjoy low interest rates, and create flexible repayment terms around your unique needs. 

    Options for your title loan in Oro Valley, AZ
    The Benefits Of Applying For A Title Loan In Oro Valley

    There’s more than one benefit to choosing a car title loan in Oro Valley to access the funds you need! Let’s look at these below – or get in touch with the team at Cheap Title Loans to get all of your questions answered!

    get cash today for your title in Oro Valley
    Low Interests

    At Cheap Title Loans, you can access the lowest interest rates in Arizona, set at a monthly 6%. We can work with you to help you repay your loan quickly, so that you can avoid further debt and manage your finances. 

    keep your car title loan
    Flexible Repayment Terms

    At Cheap Title Loans, our goal is to create financial packages that work for your unique needs. Because of this, we offer flexible repayment terms that you can weave into your own lifestyle or professional life. Plus, your monthly payments will cover both part of the principle and the fees associated with the loan, so that the amount you owe decreases over time!

    No Credit Check Or Proof Of Income Required

    Title loans are secured loans granted based on the value of your car, so we won’t need to run credit checks or ask for proof of income or employment. By not carrying out hard credit checks, your credit score will remain unchanged – and, if you use your loan to repay your outstanding debt, you may even be able to boost your credit score!

    Quick Approval Process and Cash In Hand The Same Day

    At Cheap Title Loans, we understand the importance of providing borrowers with quick and efficient loan solutions. That’s why we’ve created an online application process that will tell you in just 10 minutes whether you are eligible to borrow money and how much you can borrow! Once your application is approved, you can access your funds within hours!

    No Disruptions To Your Lifestyle In Oro Valley

    It isn’t surprising that nearly 65% of people in the US consider their car essential to their daily life. At Cheap Title Loans, we understand the importance of minimal disruptions to your life while you manage your finances. That’s why we keep your car’s title safe and lift all liens once you’ve repaid the debt in full. In the meantime you can enjoy no disruptions to your daily life.

    Get In Touch With To Discover Title Loans In Oro Valley Today 

    Looking for a quick loan? Your car, truck, or RV can help you boost your finances. Learn how to Cheap Title Loans or apply for a title loan in Oro Valley today

    Low Interest Title Loans in Oro Valley FAQ

    Do auto title loans require a credit check?

    No, auto title loans do not require a credit check because you are securing your loan amount by borrowing against the title of a vehicle you own.

    What vehicles can I get an auto title loan for?

    You can get an auto title loan for any vehicle that you own outright including cars, motorcycles, RV’s, trucks, and more! Give us a call today to inquire about other vehicle types!

    Is it hard to get an auto title loan?

    No, it is not hard to get an auto title loan. At Cheap Title Loans, our 10-Minute approval process will have you in and out the door with a check in hand! 

    Unlike other loan types, we do not require you to have employment and do not perform credit checks because you are borrowing against the value of your vehicle. We simply check that your vehicle is in good condition.

    What is the interest rate of a title loan?

    At Cheap Title Loans the interest rate for your auto title loan is a 6% MPR. We offer the lowest interest rate in Oro Valley with cash in hand today!

    Title Loans For Local Residents Near Oro Valley, AZ

    We provide title loans in Oro Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas! Give us a call today to get started.