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Frequently Asked Questions

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Low Interest Title Loans in Tucson FAQ

What is an auto title loan?

An auto title loan is a secured loan type where borrowers use their car, truck, or vehicle as collateral. 

When obtaining an auto title loan borrowers allow a lender to place a lien on their vehicle in exchange for a specific loan amount.

Not to be confused with a payday loan or registration loan, auto title loans are a straightforward approach to receiving a check today! 

Do auto title loans require a credit check?

No. Auto title loans do not require a credit check because you are securing your loan amount by borrowing against the title of a vehicle that you own. 

Note: Cheap Title Loans does offer loan amounts based on credit verification requirements. Call today to discover more about our services.

What vehicles can I get an auto title loan for?

You can get an auto title loan for any vehicle that you own outright including cars, motorcycles, RV’s, trucks, and more! Give us a call today to inquire about other vehicle types!

Is it hard to get an auto title loan?

No, it is not hard to get an auto title loan. At Cheap Title Loans, our 10-Minute approval process will have you in and out the door with a check in hand! 

Unlike other loan types, we do not require you to have employment and do not perform credit checks because you are borrowing against the value of your vehicle, which you own outright.

What is the interest rate of a title loan?

At Cheap Title Loans the interest rate for your auto title loan is a 6% MPR. We offer the lowest interest rate in Tucson so you can get a check in your hand today!

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