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Get a vehicle title loan in Tucson or Vail from Cheap Title Loans – We make it easy!  

What You’ll Need

You can start the process for a fast title loan in Tucson right here on this site.  See how to apply for vehicle title loan in Tucson.

To complete the loan process you will need:

  1.  clear title showing you as owner or co-owner of the vehicle
  2. vehicle registration
  3. your driver’s license
  4. proof of insurance
  5. a piece of mail showing your name and current address
  6. Your car (for inspection only)
  7. A spare key

Title Loan In-store Application

Fastest Way to Get Your Money

Now you can apply for your fast title loan and get your money on the same visit – usually within 30 minutes.

Just stop by our office and fill out the application.  When you are approved, you get your money on the spot – it is that easy.

Grab your car keys and come on down.  We’ll just need to see your title, registration, license, insurance, proof of address, and the car so we can complete your application for an auto title loan without delay.

Title Loan Online Application

Get the process started now.

Fill out our simple, risk free, online application and get the process stated right now.

We will call you back shortly with further information and details.

  1. Send in the application on this site
  2. Come by the office with your car, a spare key and your identifying documents – car title, registration, driver’s license and a piece of mail addressed to you at your current address.
  3. Leave with your money!

No Clear Title? NOT A PROBLEM! 

You can still apply for a title loan!

Tucson car title loans

Already Have a Loan Against This Vehicle?

We can pay off that loan with a title loan from Cheap Title Loans – and probably get you a lower interest rate too.

Our rates usually are 1/2 or less of rates charged elsewhere.

Call today to talk to a loan specialist about getting you out of that high-cost loan into a low-interest rate title loan.

Keep Your Car

Not The Only Owner?

If someone else is named on the vehicle title with you, we can still loan money against your vehicle title.

Give us a call to see how easy it can be.

Ready to get started?

Now that you know how to get a vehicle title loan in Tucson…

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